a story-driven 2D
exploration game
about a robot.

Nixie video game art
Nixie indie game dev log
Brendan Bailey

My First Experience Using Unity

Alternate title: I actually finished a Unity tutorial series. Learning Unity for free on Youtube was probably the biggest “why did I go to college when I can learn stuff on the internet” experiences I’ve ever had. Now that being said, Unity is not something can be learned in a day, a month, or even a year, especially with my attention span running at like less than 10 frames per second. Unity is heavy software with a nearly endless amount of possibilities, plugins, and uses. I started with a great series on making 2D platforming games in Unity and here was my result:

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Brendan Bailey

Creating the Nixie Logo

While I’m sure most video games start off with some impressive game mechanic or revolutionary piece of code, Nixie started off with… a logo. While I had some awfully crude sketches of Nixie’s character design scribbled on the back of various work documents and some pieces of music in the works, the logo was the first “asset” of the game I actually finished. Of course, it didn’t go as planned at all…

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Nixie Jukebox

About Nixie

Nixie is a 2D story-driven exploration game about a robot’s search for a missing human lost in an android space colony. Slash, fling, and glide your way through an eclectic world, while enjoying colorful 16-bit pixel art and an infectious soundtrack!

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