An Opulent Update | New Characters + Music

Nixie is on a mission to find a lost human boy on a massive space colony known as Crux Asteria. He needs all the information he can get and no one is better at finding things (or people) than the Opuloids – an android race full of treasure hunting, materialist aristocrats. Meeting with these eccentric beings is the first stop on his journey…

New Characters

Lord Oppenheim, the Opulent Operator

Lord Oppenheim is the ruler of the Opuloid Kingdom. Originally designed as a world class treasure hunter, he is considered the magnum opus of Opuloid architect Dr. Franz Oppenwald. After the Anyx uprising, Dr. Oppenwald quickly fled the colony and left Oppenheim to rule in his stead. Oppenheim attempted to maintain the same level of order and decorum that was instilled by Dr. Oppenwald, but as time passed, his algorithmic greed spiraled out of control. Although Opuloids all shared a programmatic desire for the finest things Crux Asteria could offer, many were dismayed with Oppenheim’s garish behavior. The kingdom slowly split in two, with the more modest population of Opuloids occupying the former human dwellings on the surface, while the grandiose royalty took to the structures in the sky.

Oppenheim has accumulated nearly every treasure and valuable artifact that has ever touched the surface of Crux Asteria – with the exception of one. Ironically, the one item that has eluded his clutches can be found in plain site, but curiously cannot be touched. That item is known as the Magna Drive, a mysterious experiment left behind in Dr. Lionel Abrams’ laboratory. Oppenheim has tried everything to physically acquire and use the Magna Drive, but after years of trying, he has given up. His circuits still burn with the desire to one day unlock the power of this unattainable device.

Zigaro, the Triplicate Henchman

Zigaro is the Opuloid Kingdom’s court musician and Lord Oppenheim’s loyal henchman. Zigaro upholds the highest standards for cleanliness and presentation and is a masterful harpsichord player. He is a unique android design in that there are 3 identical copies of him with synced consciousness and memories. Zigaro’s triplicate design became a controversial subject as the humans argued that each conscious android should have some sort of unique identity or at the very least some way of differentiating similar looking designs. As a result, Zigaro’s creator, Dr. Franz Oppenwald (the architect of the entire Opuloid race) was ordered to not repeat this design with the caveat that all 3 Zigaros could continue to live. In the end, Zigaro ended up being one of a kind… in that he is three of a kind.

Opulent New Music!

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