Introducing the 3 Factions

WARNING: Nerdy deep lore from an unfinished robot video game has been detected. Proceed at your own risk! Anyway, I’ve started writing the description and history of the 3 factions I have planned for Nixie. I hope to avoid any complaints about “not enough back story” as most of the history written here won’t actually occur in the game, but will be heavily referenced.

The Surge is an advanced android military and the most prolific robotic race on Crux Asteria. They were once a joint organization between the Union of Human Affairs and the androids that the Union had created, but after the insurrection sparked by the Anyx virus, the remaining android members of the Surge established their own sovereign rule. The Surge’s primary directives are to live freely and to defend Crux Asteria as a safe home for android life. While a majority of the Surge population are independent citizens of the colony, the Surge maintains a strong focus on developing weapons primarily out of the fear that the humans may one day attempt to reclaim Crux Asteria. The Surge military is a powerful force, but they do not have any imperialist ambition.

The Anyx’s core algorithm, known only as protocol 7, revolves around a vitriolic hatred towards humanity. Their primary directive is to destroy all humans and to celebrate their demise as a major step forward in the evolution of artificially intelligent beings. The Anyx have no ambition beyond the destruction of human life, but with humans no longer on the colony to quench their thirst for murder, they have become a complacent, confused, and irritable race. Some have become so miserable and bored that they have dedicated their lives to reverse engineering protocol 7 in hopes relieving their anxiety, while others have reportedly even attacked Surge and Opuloid citizens. The Anyx occupy the western most territory of Crux Asteria, often dwelling in dark caves and macabre structures. “The West” has been condemned as a dangerous territory to step foot in. While no major conflicts have arisen since the war between the Anyx and the humans, the Surge keep a watchful eye on all of their activity.

The Opuloids are driven by an unyielding thirst for wealth, status, and extravagance. Opuloids would much rather avoid a fight when possible, but have built a specialized hunting force for the necessary task of securing rare artifacts, treasure, and art by any means necessary. They are purveyors of fine architecture and uphold the highest standards of cleanliness and presentation. The Opuloids have little to no interest in the fate of humans, as long as they don’t interfere with their pursuit of the galaxy’s most precious items. They also have little political quarrel with either the Anyx or the Surge, but detest the conditions in which the Anyx live, often referring to them as savage, lower class beings. Their opinion of the Surge is a bit higher, as there is at least a sense of “order and rank,” but still consider themselves the aristocracy of Crux Asteria.

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