If you don’t have/want to use Steam to play the demo, you can directly download it. There’s no installation process to run the demo. Just download the zip file from the google drive link, extract it, and run the Nixie.exe file.
NOTE: Windows may show an alert when trying to run the exe file. If that happens, click “More info,” and then click “Run Anyway”


  • The game currently does not save a game file. Progress is only saved while playing the demo. Returning to the title screen, finishing the demo, or quitting the game erases your progress. This of course will be addressed very soon, probably in the next major demo release. The demo is short enough to beat in one sitting.
  • There is no interactive map in the game yet. This will obviously be added (hopefully in the near future) as it’s a mandatory feature.
  • There are no storyline elements yet – the game starts at what will most likely be the 2nd area of the game.
  • The demo has been primarily tested on 1920 by 1080 monitors. It has not been tested on any non-16:9 monitors. If you have a monitor that is not 16:9, please send me a report on how the game looks and if the screen scales properly!

Known Bugs

  • Attacking upward rapidly while moving will sometimes cause Nixie to get stuck in the run animation. Ducking + attacking when this happens will release him from this state.
  • Getting caught under the moving platform above the water will cause Nixie to remain “parented” to the platform after respawning. He’ll slide left or right (depending on the platform’s movement direction) even though he is no longer on the platform.
  • Occasionally when reaching the top of a ladder, Nixie will not automatically detach from it. This happens more often when entering a room already on a ladder, such as in the saver room before Vultrix.

Change Log

V.01 (Changes from LI Retro Gaming Expo Build) | August 28th, 2023

  • Increased size of downward attack hit box.
  • Added keyboard input support (currently non-customizable).
  • Added control scheme graphic/text to the control options panel.
  • Added a check for when the applications first opens to set the volume of Music, SFX, and Voice volume to 10.
  • Added Thank you title card that is shown when completing the demo.
  • Removed 2 gun turrets from the Everlush Lab entrance room.
  • Fixed a bug where the pause menu was navigable during dialogue.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the spider to have inconsistent speed.
  • Fixed a bug where Nixie would take damage during the respawn sequence while in sparkle form.
  • Fixed a bug where if Nixie spawned into a room on a ladder and then triggered a respawn without touching any checkpoints, he would fall to the ground while the respawn sparkle moved into place. Now he attaches to the ladder.

Nixie was created by Brendan Bailey.
Special thanks to Cameron Krebbers for assisting with Unity troubleshooting, bug fixing, and for the LDTK to Unity plugin.