About The Soundtrack

The music in Nixie was originally all going to sound like it came right out of a 16-bit Sega Genesis, but after falling in love with the sound of the “studio MIDI” type soundtracks of early 90s Sega CD / Playstation 1 games, I started playing around with some other ideas. I reinstalled the Korg legacy audio plugins and fired up none other than the legendary Korg M1 plugin. After all, if you’re going to make a 90s MIDI soundtrack, why not use THE definitive MIDI keyboard of the 90s? The track titled “The Other Path” was my first shot at making a piece specifically for this game and it really helped me kick things off. There’s a lot more music already written than what is currently been posted here, so be on the look out for more tracks to be posted soon!

I may update the mixes/mastering in the tracks above (mixing is still a work in progress for me even after 15 years of writing electronic music), but these are pretty final as far as composition and arrangement are concerned. As for my original idea of doing a 16-bit FM synthesis soundtrack, maybe that will be a Kickstarter stretch goal or something!