4 New Music Tracks Added!

I’ve add some new music to the Nixie soundtrack. The music in the game is helping me plan the mood/vibe of each of the areas.

This track is for Surge City, the home world of most of the Surge citizens. I was going for a “happy cyberpunk” vibe with this one while trying to convey a sense of wonder and amazement at the overwhelming lights and beauty of the city.

This music is for the abandoned city of Centaurus, the former home of the humans on Crux Asteria. Androids don’t travel to Centaurus often as it is a reminder of a very sad, traumatic time in the history of the colony. Some have thought about rebuilding it, but others feel too guilty to settle there. Some travelers and scavengers will occasionally pass through, but it is mostly a lonely place. The inhabitants of Crux Asteria now simply call Centaurus “After All.”

This music is for an area called The Hunting Grounds. To the east of the Surge headquarters is a dry, mountainous area. It seems safe at first, but it’s certainly not a place you want to be – this is where the Surge test new weapons and calibrate their hunting skills. You’re better off broken…

This music is for the final area of the game approaching the final boss. No spoilers!

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