Meet Jaxa

Jaxa is a lover of shiny objects. She is a member of the Opuloid race, an eccentric high society of robots devoted to opulence and splendor. Though her prime directive is to seek valuable treasures and rare oddities, she lives modestly compared to the ruling class of the Opuloids, and often scoffs at their obsession with wealth and status. She is selfish, but friendly. Though Nixie is told to trust no one, Jaxa becomes one of his very few friends along the way.

My process for designing characters is a bit… odd. I draw a few sketches that look rather bad, but give me a general idea of what features I want the character to have. Instead of iterating on the drawings however, I’ve been jumping right into pixel art and essentially “designing” the character’s final shape and colors in 16 bit style. THEN I go back to sketching, but this time using the finished pixel art as a reference for making the character illustration. I do plan on actually using these illustrations in the game as the character art for dialogue boxes.

Jaxa’s idle animation
Jaxa full illustration

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