Nixie went to MAGFest! + a new demo!

So much has happened! Last year I submitted Nixie to be part of MAGFest’s Indie Videogame Showscase (MIVS) and it got accepted. From that point I started really working hard on the demo again (after that awkward pause where Unity nearly un-alived itself).

Surprise! The Demo is Done.

I know, I know, the dev log has seemed a tad abandoned for the last few months – but that is not an accurate indicator on the progress of Nixie! In fact, surprise! The first playable demo is done!

Parallax Backgrounds + Dialogue System

Is it really a pixel art retro game if there’s no parallax scrolling? I’ve implemented one of my favorite special effects into Nixie’s first two environments. Have a look!

An Opulent Update | New Characters + Music

Nixie is on a mission to find a lost human boy on a massive space colony known as Crux Asteria. He needs all the information he can get and no one is better at finding things (or people) than the Opuloids – an android race full of treasure hunting, materialist aristocrats. Meeting with these eccentric […]

Introducing the 3 Factions

WARNING: Nerdy deep lore from an unfinished robot video game has been detected. Proceed at your own risk! Anyway, I’ve started writing the description and history of the 3 factions I have planned for Nixie. I hope to avoid any complaints about “not enough back story” as most of the history written here won’t actually […]

Meet Jaxa

Jaxa is a lover of shiny objects. She is a member of the Opuloid race, an eccentric high society of robots devoted to opulence and splendor. Though her prime directive is to seek valuable treasures and rare oddities, she lives modestly compared to the ruling class of the Opuloids, and often scoffs at their obsession […]