Nixie went to MAGFest! + a new demo!

So much has happened! Last year I submitted Nixie to be part of MAGFest’s Indie Videogame Showscase (MIVS) and it got accepted. From that point I started really working hard on the demo again (after that awkward pause where Unity nearly un-alived itself).

The demo got a major update in time for the show, including the follow new features:

1) First a foremost – Port Valius, a new region and starting point for the game, has been added to the map.

2) Speaking of the map, the game now has an in-game map!

3) A new mini-boss, Super Chops, is waiting for you to breach security in Port Valius.

4) and last but not least, Nixie now has its first full voice over cut scene! However, I’m already planning on improving this scene, particularly with supplemental visuals

MAGFest was an incredible experience. I met lots of other game developers and also many enthusiastic players who gave great feedback. I was blown away by the overwhelmingly positive reception the game got. Many players stayed and played the demo for long stretches of time without leaving and at one point a line had formed to try the game! All this is to say, I am feeling very good about the project and feel more motivated than ever to keep pushing forward.

A New Demo is Available!
The demo that was playable at MAGFest is available to download on the demo page. This demo has more content than the demo currently available on Steam (including all of the updates mentioned above).

Grab it on the demo page!

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