Surprise! The Demo is Done.

I know, I know, the dev log has seemed a tad abandoned for the last few months – but that is not an accurate indicator on the progress of Nixie! In fact, surprise! The first playable demo is done!

There’s too much to list in terms of what was completed since the last time I updated the dev log, but here’s a quick list:

-A Complete Level: The Everlush Biodome world has been completely designed and is ready for exploration!
-Enemies: New enemies were designed and programmed, include a frog, spider, lady bug, gun turret, and laser wall.
-Pause Menu: The game now has a pause menu with the same access to the title screen adjustment panels.
-Music Manager: The game’s music has been implemented with the ability to switch between MIDI and FM Synth versions of the music.
-Sound Effects: The sfx are still in progress to some degree, but many are implemented to help bring the game to life.
-Death & respawn: The player can actually “die” now and respawns at the last saver.
-Boss Fight: Vultrix, the game’s first boss, has been designed, programmed, and is ready for battle!
-Tons of little fixes, too many to count.

How can you play the demo?

To download the demo, visit the demo page.

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