Surprise! The Demo is Done.

I know, I know, the dev log has seemed a tad abandoned for the last few months – but that is not an accurate indicator on the progress of Nixie! In fact, surprise! The first playable demo is done!

How to Procrastinate Effectively

When November started I want to get Nixie’s attack animations done. I didn’t. Instead I had the most productive month of gamedev yet, adding a bunch of new features to the game!

An Opulent Update | New Characters + Music

Nixie is on a mission to find a lost human boy on a massive space colony known as Crux Asteria. He needs all the information he can get and no one is better at finding things (or people) than the Opuloids – an android race full of treasure hunting, materialist aristocrats. Meeting with these eccentric […]

4 New Music Tracks Added!

I’ve add some new music to the Nixie soundtrack. The music in the game is helping me plan the mood/vibe of each of the areas.