I could have done more… in 2022

When 2022 started, I hadn’t even created any environments for Nixie. The first three months of the year were fantastic – I learned Aseprite, started making level tile sets, and also learned LDtk to assist creating levels with the new art, but then I dragged my feet on making progress for many months. Luckily from September to December, I really turned things around and made a lot progress on the game that gave me the confidence to keep going!

Here’s some progress I made in December 2022 on various features:

Attack Animation
Springs! …yes they are Sonic inspired.
Checkpoints – certain hazards will send you back rather than just doing damage.
Keycard Doors – if the keycard is in inventory, the doors automatically open. Also I figured out color palette swapping in Unity so I can re-use the same door sprites.
Buttons that can trigger events, such as unlocking doors.
Item drops – enemies drop health and ammo!

Watch the full dev log on Youtube!

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