Nixie has a Hookshot now! Inspired by the movement from Ristar and Dynamite Headdy, this is the first feature of the game I was able to program on my own without any walkthrough.

Nixie can now launch in 4 directions when grabbing onto a “Hook Bar.” This will allow Nixie to reach new heights and traverse platforming sections with some zip!

Running while Shooting Animation Transition

Setting up and switching between animations in Unity is very easy. However, transitioning to a nearly identical animation with a small detail changed can be a little tricky. In my case I need to switch between Nixie running and Nixie shooting – the only difference being Nixie’s arm extended forwarded (similar to Megaman). I accomplished this by setting up a variable that increases every frame and then starting the opposite animation from that frame. Some code routines were needed for this to occur as I didn’t see a way to make this transition without some minor programming.

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